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ACO Compliance
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Course Description Medical Offices
The course contains 15 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 15 Minutes

This course will give the student an understanding of the differences between workplace harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace, how to discourage inappropriate behavior, and appropriate recourse for the victim. The course also discusses the effect workplace harassment can have on the individual and the business, employee education and training, and risk assessments for organizations. When this course is completed the student will be able to identify which types of behavior constitute sexual harassment, describe how workplace harassment can adversely affect business profitability, explain how management training differs from other employee workplace harassment educational sessions, list at least 3 stresses workplace harassment can place on an individual, and discuss steps an employer can take to prevent workplace harassment from occurring.

  1 : Definition of Workplace Harassment (V13)
  2 : What is Not Considered Workplace Harassment? (V13)
  3 : Definition of Sexual Harassment (V13)
  4 : Types of Sexual Harassment (V13)
  5 : Who Can Be Sexually Harassed? (V13)
  6 : How Workplace Harassment Can Affect a Person (V13)
  7 : How Workplace Harassment Can Affect a Business (V13)
  8 : Legislation (V13)
  9 : Relationships with Co-Workers (V13)
10 : The Signs of Harassment Occurring in the Workplace (V13)
11 : Risk Management (V13)
12 : Resolving Complaints (V13)
13 : Strategies for Prevention (V13)
14 : Training of Employees (V13)
15 : Training of Supervisors (V13)