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ACO Overview

ACO Compliance
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Course Description Corporate Compliance and Safety Training
The course contains 17 Lessons taking about 1 Hour 25 Minutes

In this course, the student learns the basic structure of a Billing Corporate Compliance Program, penalties for violations, monitoring and auditing practices, specific requirements for teaching hospitals, and “incident to” billing. E/M coding is also demystified for the student.

  1 : Introduction to Medical Billing (V13)
  2 : Overview of a Billing Compliance Program (V13)
  3 : Code of Conduct (V13)
  4 : Assigning a Dedicated Compliance Officer (V13)
  5 : Employee Training (V13)
  6 : Auditing (V13)
  7 : Lines of Communication (V13)
  8 : Corrective Action (V13)
  9 : Fraud and Abuse (V13)
10 : Anti-Kickback and Physician Self-Referral (V13)
11 : E/M Coding (V13)
12 : “Incident To” Services (V13)
13 : PATH (V13)
14 : Collection Policies (V13)
15 : Professional Courtesy (V13)
16 : ABNs (V13)
17 : Fraud and Abuse Recovery (v13)